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Continuing a Legacy

      Meet our CEO      
Hendrick's Tea House CEO - Dinali Mallikage

Hendrick’s Tea House was founded in 2020 by Hendrick Mallikage's granddaughter, Dinali Mallikage-Fernando, and her husband, Rukshan Fernando. To further the legacy Hendrick's has created in Sri Lanka, Dinali and Rukshan endeavor to make the same high quality tea more accessible for the world to enjoy.

"To describe our journey is to simply say that we are standing on the shoulders of giants. Two generations of the Mallikage family before me carried this legacy forward. One man began the pursuit of the highest quality tea and demanded perfection. While it was my grandfather, Hendrick Mallikage, who pioneered the Hendrick’s brand, there is a generation after him that propelled the business through the last 40 years.

Hendrick’s eldest son and my uncle, Edward Ranabahu, was an innovative trailblazer in the 1970’s and 1980’s, which continued his father’s mission and vision. Joining him were his younger brothers, Sarath, Darshana and Sudath. My father, Sarath Mallikage, maintained a steady partnership with Edward, which ushered the Hendrick’s legacy to the 21st century. While each brother played varying roles throughout the company’s history, these giants serve as pillars of advice, motivation, and symbols of Hendrick's commitment and dream." - Dinali Mallikage-Fernando

Hendrick's son, Sarath Mallikage and granddaughter, Dinali Mallikage at the launch of Hendrick's Tea House
Rukshan Fernando and Dinali Mallikage - Hendrick's Tea House owners

Dinali Mallikage and her father, Sarath Mallikage.

We, at Hendrick’s Tea House, are humbled to continue our family legacy as the third generation of the Mallikage family with the same commitment made in 1943. While we look to our past for guidance and decades of knowledge and experience in choosing the finest tea, our eyes are set firmly on the future to grow Hendrick’s Tea House as a household name for sustainably sourced and packaged, high quality Ceylon Tea that would contribute to a healthy lifestyle for our customers.

Dinali Mallikage and her husband, Rukshan Fernando.

Hendrick's Tea House campaign video for Sinhala and Tamil New Year 2021

Sominona and Dinali Mallikage

Dinali Mallikage with her grandmother and Hendrick Mallikage's wife, Sominona in Sri Lanka (1996).

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