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Our Mission

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   78 Years of Brewing Fine Tea  

More than 75 years ago Hendrick Mallikage had a dream to fulfill Sri Lankan tea lovers. His passion towards quality tea came a long journey...   Born in 1908 in Mirissa, Sri Lanka, Hendrick had a humble childhood. At the age of 14 Hendrick went to live with his uncle and family in Watagoda-- seeing that his future working for his uncle was not what he hoped for, Hendrick decided to embark upon a journey of a life time to Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Once there, what he had imagined for was far from the reality presented, in the midst of the Second World War that affected even the small nation of Ceylon, which was at the time under the rule of the British Empire, chaos was everywhere. Even through the hardships presented by the war, Hendrick persevered and refused to give up on his dream.  In the early 1940's, Hendrick Mallikage opened the very first retail sale of tea in 175 Prince Street, Colombo.

Then in 1941, he married Sominona Malalgodapitiyage. From there onwards, she has been the standing force behind him throughout his life and successes. Mr.Hendrick started tea delivery through out Colombo and other parts of Sri Lanka as a part of the services of his store, this lead to the wide publicity of his tea. At this point, 1958, Hendrick & Brother's tea had over taken all the leading competitors, including Lipton and Brooke Bond.

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Mr. Hendrick Mallikage and his employees at the opening of the Mirissa, Sri Lanka location in 1953.

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Mr. Hendrick Mallikage and his wife, Sominona Malalgodapitiyage, on their weddindg day in 1941.

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Hendrick's Tea is 100% natural Ceylon-grown black tea, antioxidant rich, low in caffeine, and zero calories.



Our tea may also support heart health, immune system health, digestive health, mental alertness, weight loss, and bone protection.

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