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Cozy Ginger Orange Tea Recipe

Hendrick's Tea House cozy ginger orange tea for holiday winter tea recipe
Cozy Orange Ginger Tea Hendrick's Tea House

Makes: 2 servings

Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Vegan, Sugar Free option

Nothing says winter relaxation quite like a cozy cup of hot tea! We've added a festive twist of citrusy orange and ginger spice to our smooth and bold black tea. Stay warm by curling up with this zesty tea and a good book to enjoy a moment to yourself. Or, make a large batch to share during a holiday celebration. Try this cozy ginger orange tea easy recipe hot or iced. 

Difficulty: Easy Prep Time: 5 mins Cook Time: 5 mins Total Time: 10 mins


  • 4 slivers of orange peel, (just the orange part, as little of the white “pith” as possible, or it may be bitter) 

  • 1 inch fresh ginger root cut into about 6 or more thin slices. (Root washed & cut, no need to peel)

  • 2 bags Hendrick’s Tea House black tea

  • 3 cups (24 oz) water 

  • Sweetener (optional): either 2 tsp sugar or 1 tsp honey, to taste

Serve with (optional): 

  • Slices of fresh orange (leftover from peeling) or candy orange slices (store bought)

  • 2 mini gingerbread cookies (store bought) (gluten free if needed)

Kitchen items:

  • 2 mugs

  • 1 Kettle to boil water

  • 1 strainer (or a slotted spoon to remove the orange & ginger once steeped)

  • 1 heat-safe dish or pitcher to steep 3 cups of tea

  • 1 heat-safe plate or lid to cover pitcher

  • 1 peeler

  • 1 knife

  • 1 cutting board


Hendrick's Tea House cozy ginger orange tea for holiday winter tea recipe steeping tea
Steeping ginger, orange peels, and black tea.
  1. Cut the 1 inch piece of fresh ginger into thin slices. (Optionally, muddle the ginger for a bolder flavor). Set these in a heat-safe dish or pitcher with a pour spout.

  2. Use a peeler to peel 4 slivers of orange peel. Rub the pieces together, two at a time, to release the fragrant oils. Then, set peels into the pitcher with the ginger. 

  3. Reserve the orange fruit to cut later for garnish or as a snack.

  4. Heat 3 cups of water. Once it just starts to boil, remove from heat (or turn off kettle).

  5. Place the 2 Hendrick’s Tea House black tea bags in the pitcher with the orange peels and ginger.

  6. Carefully pour the hot water into the pitcher. Place a heat-safe plate or cover overtop the pitcher to lock in the heat. Allow the ingredients to steep for 5 minutes.

  7. Remove the cover. Pour the pitcher over mugs with a strainer to remove the tea bags, ginger, and orange peels from the pitcher. Or, use a slotted spoon prior to pouring the tea to remove the steeped items.

  8. Once the tea is in the mugs, add sugar or honey to taste. 

  9. (optional) Serve with fresh orange slices or candied orange pieces

  10. (optional) Place mini gingerbread cookies for serving with the tea. 

  11. Enjoy!

Hendrick's Tea House cozy ginger orange tea for holiday winter tea recipe

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1 Comment

Dec 22, 2023

This recipe is delicious! Such great flavors and so easy to make. Definitely comfort in a cup. Thank you so much Hendrick’s !

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