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Lavender Iced Tea Recipe

A refreshing Black Iced Tea with Lavender Syrup
Lavender Ceylon Black Tea Recipe by Hendrick's Tea House boasts a deep amber color and refreshing floral notes
Lavender Ceylon Black Tea - no filter

Thirst-quenching, smooth finish, lavender notes, and our bold black tea make for a delicious iced tea. Combining our third-generation Ceylon tea blend with lavender syrup enhances the background floral notes of our tea without overpowering the crisp black tea taste.

This easy & quick lavender iced tea recipe is a great way to enjoy Spring or Summer.... or really any time of the year. The deep amber color of the tea is due to the various growing regions in Sri Lanka from which our tea is sourced. Our Ceylon Black Tea has no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. We suggestion options below for the addition of lavender syrup, either clear or purple colored.

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Recipe: Lavender Iced Tea

Makes: 1 Serving

Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Vegan, Dairy Free

Need a party-sized recipe? Tips for serving a crowd will be in our upcoming blog. Keep your eye out for it.

Difficulty: Easy  Prep Time: 3 mins  Cook & Cooling Time: 15 mins  Total Time: 18 mins


2 tea bags Hendrick’s Tea House Ceylon tea

2 cups hot water

3 teaspoons lavender syrup 

1 ½ cups ice

(optional) raw sugar

Kitchen Items:

1 Heat-proof pitcher (make sure it's large enough to hold the hot tea, plus 1 cup of ice)

1 Spoon

1 Serving glass

Kettle to boil water

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  1. Boil 2 cups water

  2. In a heat-proof pitcher, place two tea bags. Pour 2 cups of hot water over the tea bags. Steep for 3-5 min. 

  3. Carefully lift the tea bags with a spoon and twist the tea bag string around the bags to gently squeeze the leftover super-steeped liquid out of the tea bags & into the pitcher. Then, discard the tea bags.

    1. Want to be eco friendly? You can allow the tea bags to cool, open the tea bags and place the used tea granules in garden soil.

  4. Set tea aside to cool for 10 minutes, minimum.

  5. Add 1 cup of ice to the pitcher (at least half will melt). Stir.

  6. Pour 3 tsp lavender syrup into the pitcher. Stir

  7. Add 1/2 cup ice to a glass.

  8. Pour the lavender tea into the glass.

  9. Sip and enjoy!

  10. (optional) You can always include additional lavender syrup to taste. 

  11. (optional) Adding raw sugar: the syrup is already sweetened, so the tea may not need added sugar, but you can adjust to your preference. 

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